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The Australian Army Rugby Union (AARU) is a self-governing, non-for-profit organisation that invests the non-public monies and in-kind support it receives into the promotion and development of Rugby Union throughout the Australian Army.

The AARU fields both men’s and women’s senior teams, which are selected from members of the Australian Army. The AARU also provides a vehicle for talented AARU players to be selected for other representative playing opportunities.

The AARU Women’s Team was first formed in 1997 and has seen increased participation over the past few years, with members of our Army Women’s side being skilled and fortunate enough in the past to gain selection for the Australian Wallaroo’s.

The AARU players normally concentrate once in the first half of the calendar year to compete in the Australian Services Rugby Carnival (ASRC). In addition to the ASRC, and as part of the development program, the AARU aims to undertake an overseas tour with at least one team every two years.

The AARU has a national and international playing program, which provides good exposure and marketing opportunities for sponsors. All players, when representing the Australian Army, are amateur and benefit equally from sponsorship.

The AARU is a member (Single Service Union) of the Australian Services Rugby Union (ASRU), which is an affiliate of the Australian Rugby Union (ARU).

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