When is the Centenary of Army Rugby?

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Army Rugby has been a representative sporting institution for many years - but just how many years is not quite clear. Army Rugby's Vice-President for Support Col Marcus Fielding said they might be unknowingly approaching the Centenary of Army Rugby in the next few years.

"Army Rugby is said to have been formed in 1931, but there is other evidence that a team was formed on the Western Front during World War 1," Col Fielding said. To try and determine its origins better Army Rugby has initiated a project to rediscover its origins and history.

The project seeks to determine how far back Army Rugby can trace its lineage, and to develop a collection of highlight articles covering different periods in Army Rugby's history.

"I imagine that we will recover all sorts of interesting stories. It's important to make an investment to capture our history and heritage," he said. Army Rugby is appealing to anyone who might have knowledge of any association records, trophies, memorabilia, photos, and history of any kind. Please contact Andrew Kilsby on 0408 342 795 or andrewkilsby@cooeehistory.com

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