The trophies have arrived!

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The two trophies for the Men's and Women's Champion Teams in the Inter-Brigade Rugby Union Competition have arrived. The President of Army Rugby, Major General John Caligari, said that "the trophies will be a fitting recognition of the champion brigade rugby union team." The trophies were purchased especially from the UK and will be allowed to return to the winning team's home location. Colonel Clay Sutton, Army Rugby’s Vice-President for Operations said that "the new annual inter-brigade rugby union competition will promote and develop Rugby Union throughout the Australian Army.” he said. The inter-brigade competition will be held at Ballymore in Brisbane between 29 April and 3 May 2013. Teams will come from 1 Brigade, 3 Brigade, 7 Brigade and a combined 6 Brigade/16 Brigade/17 Brigade side. “The competition will involve both men’s and women’s teams” said Joe McIvor, Army Rugby’s National Manager, “The men’s competition will be 15 a side and the women’s competition seven a side.” Army Rugby will sponsor and 7 Brigade will host the competition.
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