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Congratulations to our Co-Patron General Peter Cosgrove (Rtd) on his appointment as the 26th Governor General of Australia. I am sure you will join me in wishing Peter and Lynne all the very best in this great office and in communicating with the General this week via email he is very keen to remain involved with the Australian Army Rugby Union Old Boys.

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the ASRC will again be played in Sydney in 2014 and more than likely at the UNSW’s David Phillips Fields, Daceyville (close to Randwick Barracks and opposite South’s Juniors on Anzac Pde). Australian Services Rugby Union’s (ASRU) plan is to rotate the ASRC between Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra every three years and it will go to Brisbane in 2015 and Canberra in 2016 at this stage.

The Australian Army Rugby Union Old Boys aka Leopards have come a long way since we re-branded in mid-2011 and our growth over the last two years has been very encouraging. We retained a large percentage of the former AROBA membership and the new committee have been able to encourage former members back to the fold.

Our mantra is that we will not be spending time and effort chasing members and in turn would hope that former players, coaches and management would want to return to the fold.

Lock in the weekend 23-25 May 2014. We have a busy schedule planned for the weekend and we will again be supporting a charity (TBC). Tentative plans for 2014 are:

Fri 23rd – 6.30-11.00 pm Function at UNSWR Officers / Sergeants Mess; and
Sat 24th – 11.00 am Assemble TBA; Noon Old Boys Fixture; 1.30 pm Women’s Fixture; 2.00-5.30 pm Drinks and Nibbles; 3.00 pm Men’s Fixture; 7.00 pm-Late Function at TBA.

The Australian Army Rugby Union Old Boys is open to all those that have represented Army as a player, coach or management. We would hope that all former players, coaches and management would want to be part of this organisation! Mindful that some of our former players, coaches and management were involved before 1980, when the nationals become single service and not state based Services teams, we have amended the membership qualifications to accommodate so many more future members.

The recent ASRU 50th Anniversary Dinner attracted a large number of our membership. So many eras were represented and our membership covers retired Generals down to private soldiers. Rugby and the profession of arms is our unique connection and it is a wonderful relationship that will endure.

Congratulations to our members that were selected in the ASRU Team of the Fifty Years –

1 - Murray Harley, 2 - Andy Carr, 5 - Don Muirhead, 6 - Paddy Ryan, 8 - Angus Baker ©, 9 - Ricky Dumigan, 10 - Geoff Richardson, 12 – Laurie Douglas, 13 – Jim Williams, 14 – Wayne Von Hoff, 15 – Bob Brown, 17 – Geoff Jones (FR), 18 – Aaran Booth (SR), 22 – Steve McDonald (5/8), 24 – Guy Barnard (W) and 25 – Ian Mackay (FB) with Asst Coach Bob Brookes and Asst Manager A Lightfoot.

Eleven of the starting XV (we have also claimed Wayne Von Hoff who also represented Air Force) were Army and when you consider the calibre of those who were not selected such as Wallabies Trevor Stegman & Justin Harrison; Wallaby Trialists Arthur Fittock, Reg Sutton *, Ron Sherman & Dave Hannell and Kangaroo Bob Fulton this is a wonderful representation and even greater recognition of Army’s dominance over many years. Others who may have considered themselves unlucky would include Peter Ash *, Keith Outten, Craig Izzard, Graeme Brown, Geoff Stooke, Simon Small, George Whatman, Barry ‘Butch’ Baker *, Pita Thompson, Martin Southwood, Tim Simkin, Dave Harper, Etuate Seruitukana *, Mark Goodwin, Tony Luxford, Ben Radmall and Geoff Adler to name but a few. * - deceased

Your 2014 Executive and committee are as follows:
Patrons – Peter Cosgrove, Bob Brown and Jim Williams
Presidents – Geoff Jones and John Walters
Committee – Murray Harley, Aaran Booth, Craig Sloane, Deb Booth, Joe McIvor, Mark Rowe, Lewis West, Kevin Lloyd, Matthew Hines and Anthony Rogers.

Also a gentle reminder that the Leopards are planning to tour Turkey in April 2015 for the centenary of ANZAC and although interest has been sought I am sure that Kevin Lloyd and his organising committee would love to hear from you.

You can follow us on Facebook – Australian Army Rugby Old Boys Leopards or via the Old Boys tab on the Australian Army Rugby Union web page –

You may not be able to attend in 2014 however we ask that you continue to push this email and details out to potential members.

Leopards – Not because they are rusting outside of RSL Clubs but because they never change their spots!

AARUOB Leopards

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