Latest sponsor - RSL (Queensland Branch)

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Welcome to our latest sponsor - the RSL (Queensland Branch).

Since 1916 the RSL has been making sure help is always at hand by providing much needed support, advice and camaraderie to the men and women of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).
RSL (Queensland Branch) provides welfare and wellbeing support through the network of ten veteran service locations and 240 Sub Branches state-wide, with services and support extended to our Defence families of both current and former ADF personnel.

Services available to Defence families range from assistance with DVA claims, entitlements and advocacy, to mental health support, financial support, crisis accommodation and support throughout the transition to civilian life.
In addition to these services, RSL (Queensland Branch) partner with a number of ex-service organisations to increase the availability of treatments and therapies across Queensland, to assist the physical and emotional recovery of current and former ADF members who need it.

RSL (Queensland Branch) is committed to building relationships with those who are currently serving so that we can be there for them as they face challenges throughout their service and continue to provide for the needs of our veteran population and their families, after their Defence career. You do not need to be a member of an RSL Sub Branch to access assistance.

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