In the Field and On the Field - A Highlight History of the AARU

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The AARU is presently producing a high quality hard cover book of its highlight history.

The AARU mission is to promote and develop Rugby Union throughout the Australian Army. In striving to fulfill that mission, in 2011 the AARU commissioned a research project to produce a ‘highlight’ history of Rugby Union in the Australian Army.

The book highlights the players, teams and events that have contributed to the development and successes of Army Rugby over the last 100 years.

It includes many of the key matches, results and anecdotes about the sport as it was played in Australia and abroad.

The book covers in some detail the first truly representative Australian Army Rugby Union team which was formed in 1919 in France following the Armistice.

The book includes interviews with Ian Mackay, Arthur Fittock, Angie Fairweather and Charles Wilson.

The book has a large number of photographs - most in colour - and will be on sale shortly.

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