Australian Army Rugby Union Old Boys announce committee for 2013-14

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The Army Rugby Union Old Boys Leopards are pleased to announce the committee for 2013-14.

Jim Williams and Bob Brown – Co-Patrons.
Geoff Jones - President.
John Walters - Vice President.
Murray Harley - Contacts & Network Manager
Deb Booth – Secretary
Craig Sloane – Manager
Kevin Lloyd – Charity / Fundraiser Project Manager
Mark Goodwin – Ethics and Equality Advisor
Anthony Rogers - IT Guru
Aaran Booth - Sponsorship Manager

From our members namely Cameron Baker in Chicago, USA to Brenden Lyons in Auckland, NZ or Rob McPherson in Singapore to Dave Harper in Dubai the Leopards want to make contact with as many former players, coaches and administrators as possible.

For many of the pre-1980 players services rugby was done by Military Districts and played tri-service. In 1980 the goalposts changed and inter-service is now played as Single Service Unions (AARU, RANRU, AFRU). If you played inter-service pre-1980 we are still very much interested in you and look forward to you making contact.

In the not too distant future we will be adding decade Liaison Officers to assist in the tracking down and updating of members.

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