Australian Army Old Boys start their stalk

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The Army Rugby Union Old Boys Leopards are scheduled to play on Saturday 18th May 2013 at Victoria Barracks in Sydney.

Debbie Booth, one of the primary organisers, has asked everyone to spread the word.  “This is not just about the 1980’s and 1990’s playing group.  We would like to encourage as many former players/coaches/management to get in contact and be part of the Leopards” she said.

Debbie added “the Leopards Facebook page has also been updated. Start planning and preparing to be there as of now!  Again first in and best dressed as we ramp up to the event!”

The plan is to do very much the same as what we did earlier this year.  Clearly age is catching up with many of us but it is a great way to socialise and watch the main games.  And the way inter-service is played has changed over the years but I am sure we can sort out the chaff from the wheat with the likes of Peter Cosgrove, Dinga Bell, Bob Brookes and George Whatman assisting.

We need many more of our former players to get in contact and where possible attend the day.  Your assistance in spreading the word is paramount.  Word and mouth is our best opportunity to connect individuals again however new means like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are becoming equally as important and significant. 

The Leopards are a unique organisation that caters for all former Army Rugby Union players, coaches and administrators across a number of levels of rugby. All former army rugby union players are encouraged participate. We are a standalone organisation and not part of the AARU.

The AARU will again be hosting a post competition dinner somewhere in the vicinity of the Randwick Rugby Club.  Our intention is to have standalone function, but in close proximity that will allow those still involved with AARU as coaches, officials and sponsors to attend both functions.  

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