Army Women Maul Way to Victory

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By Maj Al Green

The rugby women were the only success story at this year’s Chancellor’s Cup contested between two icons of Townsville – James Cook University and Army.

Four sports are contested in the Cup – netball, basketball, women’s rugby and men’s rugby.

The women’s rugby players dominated the game with a strong forward pack and lightning quick backs in a synchronised team effort.

The Army women kept the big crowd entertained as they ran in a score of 20-0.

The lightning strikes in the sky were the only highlight for Army in the men’s rugby as a depleted team took to the field.

With many players competing in the International Defence Rugby Competition and deployed on operations, some of the Army Thunder league team volunteered to back up from their recent All Blacks carnival to make up the numbers.

The sheer size and well drilled ability of the university team made it a one-sided competition as they racked up 71 points in the deluge.

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