Army Rugby Team take on the French

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It took more than a little wet weather to dampen the spirits of the Australian Army Rugby team as they dug deep to take a 21-18 point victory over the French Army in Caen. During the game the Australian Army Team showed the mettle that embodies the Army values of courage, initiative and teamwork.

The team drew from the sacrifices of soldiers lost overseas not only in previous wars but also within current conflicts including the recent loss of Lance-Corporal Jason Marks in Afghanistan.

The team proudly carried the trophy off the field, named in honour of the last surviving French WWI veteran who fought alongside ANZAC soldiers, Monsieur Ponticelli who died early last year.

Members of the Australian Army Rugby Union (AARU) Team took time out of their busy Army careers to tour France and Germany.

The tour is aimed at enhancing the Australian Army's relationship with the French and UK Armies and to promote rugby as the premier international military sport.

The AARU will be on show to an international audience as representatives of the Australian Army and as elite athletes.

The tour provides an excellent opportunity for selected players to further develop their playing skills while building international relationships and enjoying a unique range of cultural and historical activities, including battlefield tours.

Foremost, the AARU tour in Germany seeks to foster the Army key values of courage, initiative and teamwork. At the completion of the European tour, the AARU team will compete in the Australian Services Rugby Carnival at the Royal Military College Duntroon, Canberra.

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