Army Rugby history project update

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Army Rugby is making great progress on the project to rediscover its origins and history. “We are now pretty confident that the first representative Army team was formed in France after the Armistice in 1918” Army Rugby's Vice-President for Support Col Marcus Fielding said. 

“The team was drawn from across the A.I.F and played games in France and England before returning to Australia in 1919” he said. 

“The research team has discovered all sorts of interesting facts and stories which are being captured in a highlight history that we hope to publish next year” said Col Fielding. 

Army Rugby is appealing to anyone who might have knowledge of any association records, trophies, memorabilia, photos, and history of any kind. 

“We are also trying to locate Ronnie May and Jody Connolly if anyone out there can assist us there” said Col Fielding. If you can assist then please contact Andrew Kilsby on 0408 342 795 or

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