Army Breaks Navy and Thrashes Air Force

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Army has won the 2016 ADF Rugby Championship in both the Men's and Women's division. Earlier in the week Army were too good for Air Force in both the Women's (46 - 0) and the Men (55 - 5). The final day of the ADF Rugby Championships was a cracker. In front of a record crowd Army retained the titles in both the Women's (27 - 5) and Men's (43 - 18) games against Navy. The Chief of Army fittingly presented both teams with their championship trophies and was very impressed with the standard of rugby and the professionalism of the Army Rugby operation. The Chief of Army also presented the individual awards to: Rookie of the year - Zac Holliday Best Women's player - Lydia Kavoa Best Men's player - Jackson Pearson The ADFRU squads were also announced with a good showing from all three services in the selections. The Australian Army Band topped off an already exciting atmosphere at either side of the whistle.
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