Army beats Air Force!

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The Army and Air Force Men's Team went into battle today (15 May) at Coogee Oval (home of the famous Randwick Rugby Club). Sydney put on another delightful day – a good day for running rugby. Eight tries were scored between the two teams – six of them by Army. The result was a 50-12 victory to Army, but don’t let the scoreline fool you too much. While Air Force was not as competitive in this match as they were against Navy last Sunday, the men in sky blue stilled displayed a lot of heart – their two tries were well deserved. At the end of the day, Army’s depth of talent across the paddock was too strong and they were able to apply consistent attacking pressure, which more often than not resulted in points. Army’s left winger, Jinda Narongchai score three of Army’s tries. The remaining three tries were scored by Army’s forwards. Army’s halfback and goal kicker, Isaac Harris, had a good day with the boot, kicking five out of six conversions. Army’s 50th point came via a field goal late in the game.

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