The AARU Management Committee is seeking new volunteers

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The AARU Management Committee comprises both full-time and part-time Army members who are passionate about rugby union in the Australian Army.

The Committee is presently seeking new members for the following appointments:

  • National Manager. Preferably a part-time member who has flexibility with other employment and can provide approximately 35 days worth of effort around Australia between February and May each year.
  • Treasurer. Preferably a full-time member who is fully conversant with non-public monies accounting.
  • Communications Officer. A technology savvy person to manage the AARU website and the AARU face book site.

Expressions of interest can be sent to

On receipt a duty statement will be forwarded so that the applicant can assess the requirements of the appointment. Merit and enthusiasm for the job, not rank, will be the primary basis for selection.

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