2015 Inter-Brigade Rugby Union Carnival - 4 to 7 May 2015 at Ballymore

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The Australian Army Rugby Union (AARU) will conduct the 2015 Inter-Brigade Ruby Union Carnival between 4 and 7 May 2015 at Ballymore in Brisbane.

Commander 7 Brigade is hosting the event on behalf of the AARU.

Six teams will participate from 1 Brigade, 3 Brigade, 6 Brigade, 7 Brigade, 16 Aviation Brigade and 17 Combat Service Support Brigade. Each brigade will field both men’s and women’s teams. Players will be drawn from across Australia.

Men’s teams will play tradition 15-a-side matches and the women 10-a-side.

The competition provides an opportunity for AARU selectors to identify Army’s representative teams to compete in the Australian Services Rugby Union (ASRU) Carnival.

There will be two pools of three teams and first round matches will occur on the 4th and 5th of May between 10 am and 2.30 pm.

The highest placed team in each pool will play for the Cup final, the second placed teams for the Plate final and the third placed for the Bowl final.

These three finals matches will be played on 7 May between 2 and 8 pm.

The 2015 Inter-Brigade Rugby Union Carnival offers an opportunity for rugby, the premier sport in Army, to be showcased at Ballymore, the spiritual home of rugby in Queensland.

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