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By Susanna Beyer.

The President of the AARU Major General John Caligari has recently announced that the 2014 Inter-Brigade Rugby Union Competition will run for the second year.

The President invited Brigade Commanders to send both Men’s and Women’s teams to compete in the Inter-Brigade Rugby Union Competition. The event will be held in Brisbane in the week Monday 5 May to Friday 9 May 2014.

The Men will play 15 a side and the Women will play 7 a side. The Competition will be a four-way round robin format where each team will play one game on each of the first three days and then one game on the final day. The Men’s matches on the first three days will be two 30 minute halves. The finals will be 40 minute halves. For the Women’s matches it will be 7 minute halves.

Colonel Clay Sutton the AARU’s Vice President for Operations said that “the Inter-Brigade Rugby Union Competition will be an opportunity to identify talent for the Army Rugby Teams to play Navy and Air Force.” Army had victories in both the Men’s and Women’s competitions at this year’s Australian Services Rugby Carnival (ASRC).

General Caligari said “I am looking forward to another spirited competition next year and to see the AARU team be victors again showing their courage, initiative, respect and teamwork to the sport of rugby.”

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